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What’s your festive look?

Posted on December 13 2021

What’s your festive look?


The trees are being decorated, the lights are going up and the countdown to Christmas is definitely underway. Which begs the question, what’s your festive look?

Over the years Christmas decorating has evolved to incorporate varied styles suited to all properties and personalities, with influences that range from the traditional to Scandi minimalist and even a touch of Australiana.

So, let’s take a look at six major styles and how you can recreate them at home.


Traditional Christmas decorating is all about embracing that fairy-tale look of opulent fir trees, decked with red, gold, and silver baubles, and twinkling warm white lights.

It’s indulgent and truly sensory, with much of the inspiration for this trend taken from the cooler climates of Europe and the US.

If you’re looking to embrace the traditional festive look, it’s all about layering where you keep adding and adding to create a sumptuous feel, with wreaths, garlands and rich reds all adding to the theme.


As we have a very different climate to the northern hemisphere, some Australian Christmas styles have taken on a life of their own.

One such style is the beach theme, where blues, silvers and whites replace the traditional reds and greens.

Recreating this style is all about tapping into the natural items, elements, and colours you find at the beach, then bringing that look into your home.


The Scandinavians are renowned for their mastery of minimalism, and it translates into a striking Christmas theme that is simple, elegant, and uncluttered.

Natural materials are the key to Scandi, with simplistic Christmas trees, adorned with neutral ornaments made of materials like white clay, wood and natural fabrics.

White Christmas

The white Christmas theme is another style borrowed from the northern hemisphere, but it offers the opportunity to truly embrace the spirit of the type of Christmas found in the pages of storybooks.

Inspiration for this theme is found in snowy landscapes with twinkling warm lights. In fact, lighting plays a major role in white Christmas, and ornaments are restricted to colours like light blue, gold, and white or cream.

Modern magic

Modern magic has made a big impression in recent years, with this theme prevalent in lots of the major department stores.

It’s a style dominated by bold solid colours and oversized ornaments where shapes also play a significant role.

Think overly large circular baubles and bright colourful boxes, with little use of pattern.


Australiana is a welcome addition to the range of Christmas themes, and the trend is incredibly popular at the moment.

This theme takes its inspiration from the colours of the Australian landscape, along with native trees and animals.

When embracing Australiana, eucalyptus might replace the deeper hues of northern hemisphere greens, gumnuts might make an appearance and bottlebrush might offer a touch of red.

The traditional colours of Christmas are there, but the theme sees Australia adopt them in its own way.

If you’re looking to embrace a specific Christmas look this festive season, you can browse our range of Christmas decorator items, tableware, decorations and napery here.