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Our love of Rattan

Posted on March 06 2019

Our love of Rattan
Anyone that has been an Eclectic Style lover for a while, would realise that we love cane, rattan, wicker or what ever you want to call it!  It’s a perfect accompaniment to home décor in our climate.

We think it’s a perfect addition to our furniture and home décor line-up, as its natural organic lines, tie together homes with a beautiful textural element.  It also mirrors our love of the outside, bringing the outdoors in.

Rattan furniture is made predominately in Indonesia, though it originated in the Philippines along time ago.   The actual rattan is mostly grown in Sumatra and Kalimantan.  Its extremely quick growing, and grows in long tall strands, not too dissimilar to bamboo. There are many different types of rattan, some which is old and brittle (but cheaper to buy) or the more expensive thicker, more pliable rattans which are better for making furniture.  Being a very sustainable resource, its another reason to love rattan.

Most rattan furniture is made in small villages, where a family will specialise in a type of weaving, and produce the same items many times over getting great quality and consistency. 

Random fact…. So what’s the difference between cane, wicker and rattan?  Cane/wicker is actually the middle of the rattan, when they strip off the skin of the plant. 
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