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Dining chairs, heart not your head?

Posted on August 01 2018

Dining chairs, heart not your head?

We have a fantastic range of dining chairs in various colours, styles and price ranges. So whether you are styling for classic elegance, retro minimalism or tribal, we've got some fantastic options available.  But how do you choose the right dining chair?

Classic shapes and clean lines are more design safe than the latest trends… but is that your style? Do you go with your heart not the head…

Is the chair comfortable?  Can you see yourself having a long lunch perched on this chair watching the world go by? You also want to keep the chairs light so that diners can easily push them in or pull them out from under the table. Upholstered chairs offer the most comfort but less likely to work in a busy family situation.

Unfortunately, function is boring, but important.  Measure your current table height and it should be around 30cm between the seat of the dining chair and the dining table.