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Interior Design Trends For 2022

Posted on January 17 2022

Interior Design Trends For 2022


When it comes to interior design trends, 2022 looks set to shepherd in a whole new era, as people look beyond the functionality of their home and seek to embrace a little fun, a little colour, and embrace bygone eras.

Here are five hot interior trends that are set to make an impression in 2022…

A lot more adventurous

2021 was all about the functional as we sought to embrace a home that wasn’t just a haven but was also our workplace, education zone and refuge from a restricted world.

That’s set to change in the period ahead as interior design becomes a lot bolder and more adventurous.

Splashes of colour are set to make a comeback, as is texture and pattern.

In fact, the next year will be all about the ‘cohesive clash’ as we embrace bold but nature-inspired accents and hues such as green, rust and even muted pink.

A nod to natural

While colour might be a feature, natural fibres and materials are likely to also reign supreme.

These include textiles like linen and silk, along with materials like timber, rattan, and clay. Artisan items are set to be a focus, with handmade ceramics making a major comeback.

Tactile and textured

In 2022, interior design will go beyond the two dimensional and embrace texture, in the form of items that people feel compelled to touch or feel.

This will range from textured wallpapers to natural wood finishes and stonework. It will be all about stimulating the senses within the home environment.

The outdoors in

This year the barrier between the indoors and outside will fade further, with interior design making a concerted effort to bring the outdoors in.

As a result, green is tipped to be a trending colour, while terracotta will put in an appearance, timber will be a welcome guest inside the home, and plants will abound.

A nod to the ‘70s

As we embrace natural textiles and a splash of colour, there’s a definite nod to the ‘70s occurring, with statement sofas, occasional chairs, hanging chairs and rattan all part of the 2022 design equation.

This is not a full embrace of retro style, but rather a reference to it where cues are taken from a bygone era and subtly incorporated into the home.

Top tips

2022 is set to be an exciting year of interior design, as attention turns to making the home a refuge and sanctuary with a little bit of adventure.

If you’re looking to embrace the trend, our top tip is to remember it’s not about going all-in and fully renovating, but rather selecting items and furniture that offer a nod to these styles.

Whether it’s a feature piece of furniture, some decorator items, or soft furnishings like rugs, cushions and throws, there are a host of simple ways to update your home to the incoming trends of 2022.