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Interior Design Tips To Warm Your Home This Winter

Posted on May 16 2022

Interior Design Tips To Warm Your Home This Winter


As the days grow a little shorter and a chill creeps into the air, it’s a sure sign winter isn’t too far away.

And while Australian winters may not be so stark as other parts of the world, they do offer an opportunity to refresh your interior décor with a little warmth and a welcoming feel.

If you’re looking to make your home a haven this winter, here are our top interior decorating tips to add that feel of warmth.

Let layers reign supreme

Just as people layer their clothing in winter, this can also apply in your home - whether it’s throw rugs, some cushions, or plush furniture.

In fact, winter interior design is all about layers, which serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose.

Not only can layers create a warm inviting feel, they can help reduce the cold and add a little extra insulation to a room in a bid to retain heat.

If you are looking to add layers, throws and cushions are ideal soft furnishings to turn to in living areas, while bedrooms benefit from quilts, rugs and pillows, and dining areas can enjoy a touch of extra warmth with seat cushions and table cloths.

Seek out natural materials

Natural materials like timber, clay and textiles add an ingrained warmth to any area, and this can be especially important in winter.

The best thing about natural materials is they can be used in different ways, whether it’s rugs, furniture, or decorator items.

Inject a little colour

If you find the short days of winter tend to subdue your mood, you’re far from alone, even in a relatively moderate climate like Australia.

And there’s no better way to brighten your day and your mood than with a touch of colour.

Colour adds warmth, vibrancy and a welcoming feel to any space and it’s one of the easiest strategies to adopt, courtesy of decorator items, artworks and soft furnishings.

Winter colours to consider include moody tones such as tan, deep grey and burgundy. We’ve got some great tips on what to consider when it comes to adding colour to your home here.

Revel in rugs

The last thing you feel like doing on a cold winter’s morning is unfurling yourself from a nice warm bed to have your feet hit a cold floor.

This is where rugs come into their own, and they work in a series of ways to warm any space.

Not only do rugs cover a bare floor, they add that layering effect, help retain residual heat in an area while also providing that comforting sensation of something cozy beneath your feet. 

Add artistic flair

As we all know, artwork has the potential to impact your mood and affect your emotions in a host of different ways.

It’s also an addition to the home which is easy to alter with the seasons.

Consider switching out your artwork in the warmer and cooler months with pieces that elicit the feeling of welcoming warmth and coziness in winter and items that bring the outdoors in and evoke a sense of cool and calm in the summer.

Cater to the senses

Embracing a feel of warmth and coziness in your home goes far beyond furniture and physical items. It should also tap into the sense of smell.

That’s where diffusers and scented candles come in, allowing your home to reflect a warm ambience that is a haven from the chill outdoors.

Looking for a little winter inspiration?

We have a wide range of soft furnishings, furniture, and decorator pieces that can help create an inviting ambience of warmth in your home this winter. You can view our complete product range here.