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How To Bring Colour Into Your Home

Posted on March 07 2022

How To Bring Colour Into Your Home

As summer fades into autumn, now is the perfect time to consider adding a little colour to your home.

But like all things, trending colours alter with the seasons, go in and out of vogue each year, and change over time.

So how can you add a dash of colour to your home, without a total renovation or makeover?

Here are our top tips on adding colour, with some neat tricks that allow you to give any room a new lease of life with minimum fuss…

Back to basics

When we talk about injecting colour into the home, it doesn’t necessarily mean repainting rooms or replacing furniture.

Rather, any interior design theme that features colour often relies on neutral basics. These basics include wall colour and feature furniture items which provide the blank canvas that your colour palette is set against.

When you opt for neutral as the backdrop, you have the freedom to change a colour theme whenever you wish.

Colour tips

At the moment, nature-inspired colours are trending, including sage green, salmon pink and rust brown.

But of course, colour is highly evocative and often based on personal preference.

Then, when it comes to using colour a couple of interior design rules apply. These include the 60-30-10 rule.

So let’s decode that a little…

The 60-30-10 rule sees you select one dominant shade that will make up 60 per cent of any room. As we mentioned that shade is usually neutral.

Next you add a secondary shade, which is where colour comes into play. This shade is the 30 per cent component and is slightly more bold.

Finally, you add a third shade which is even bolder, and it makes up the remaining 10 per cent.

Where to add your colour

As we mentioned, adding colour isn’t always about repainting or renovating an entire room.

With a neutral backdrop you can quickly add colour and change it up when you wish.

So where and how can you inject colour?

Cushions, throws and rugs

Adding cushions, throws and rugs is one of the easiest ways to quickly switch out the colour scheme of any room.

In fact, a stunning bright cushion with a colourful design might even provide the colour scheme that you pick up in other areas throughout a room.

In this case, you might opt to make one of the colours in that cushion your 30 per cent, adding a rug in that tone, and a piece of artwork with a similar hue.

Another colour within the design would then become the 10 per cent accent that you might highlight using decorator pieces such as vases, photo frames, and other decorator pieces.


A stunning piece of artwork might also provide the inspiration for the colour scheme of any room.

For example, a beautiful beach scene might be your focal point.

You can then highlight its hues throughout the room using cushions or throws that pick up the blue of the water, or rugs, frames and baskets that tap into the tones of the sand and the rocks.

You can then add a further pop of colour by contrasting that with vivid green in the form of vibrant indoor plants.

Floral arrangements and plants

Flowers and plants bring a touch of life and vitality to any room, and it shouldn’t be underestimated how much colour this can offer.

If you’re looking to tie the colour theme of a room together or add a little more of that 10 per cent pop, flowers and plants can be an ideal solution.

It’s also an option that is temporary and can be altered whenever you wish.

Whether it’s a feature piece of furniture, some decorator items, or soft furnishings like rugs, cushions and throws, we have a range of stunning pieces that allow you to easily update the colour scheme of any room.

And if, you’re looking for a little inspiration, you can find it here.