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Christmas Tablescaping For Every Occasion

Posted on October 22 2021

Christmas Tablescaping For Every Occasion


Whether it’s a formal lunch or more casual barbecue affair, the Christmas table is the opportunity to set the stage for a truly festive occasion.

As the place where you gather with family and friends to share the true spirit of the season, a Christmas tablescape is akin to a work of art where you take a blank canvas and transform it into a piece that encapsulates your chosen Christmas theme.

Here are just some of the ways to go about it, along with our top tips on Christmas tablescaping for every occasion…


Your festive theme can be whatever you desire, whether it’s a nod to the beach lifestyle, a rustic look, or formal Christmas feel with the traditional colours of red, green, gold, and white.

However, as a starting point, find a theme that suits the décor of your home and the ‘vibe’ you intend to go for.

This theme will also reflect the style of the event, whether that’s a sit-down lunch, an evening barbecue or even a bright and enticing Christmas brunch.


A stunning tablescape is all about layering. So consider, will the blank canvas you work upon be your raw table or are you looking to add a touch of luxe with a tablecloth, festive table runner or placemats?

This backdrop is the base that you begin to add items to, such as a centrepiece, candles, dinnerware, cutlery, napkins, and glassware.

The Centrepiece

As the name suggests, this is the focal point of your Christmas table, and it’s where you truly embrace your chosen theme.

The centrepiece might comprise a floral arrangement, wreath, or perhaps decorations reflective of your theme. It might also incorporate scented candles.

In terms of layout, it could involve one singular centrepiece, an arrangement that runs down the length of your table or could include one large centrepiece with two accompanying arrangements each end of the table.


Once you have your centrepiece in place, attention turns to setting the table with plates, cutlery, and glassware.

This is where the layering really starts to take effect, adding height, dimension, and colour to the table, along with your unique style.

For example, a traditional style setting may see you opt for white plates, silver cutlery and formal crystal-style glasses.

A beach style setting might involve incorporating tones of azure and blue in your glassware, along with white plates and beige napkins.

Meanwhile a rustic Christmas setting might see you mix and match earthy toned dinnerware with an assortment of clear glasses.


Napkins offer the opportunity to add a sumptuous and plush feeling to the tablescape. If you’re going for a real sense of luxe and class, fabric napkins are the go, while a more casual barbecue might see you opt for patterned or plain paper napkins.

Either way, they are an essential part of the layering process, and also afford the opportunity to get creative when it comes to how the napkins are folded.

The little things

A Christmas tablescape is the chance to really step it up a notch in terms of adding tiny details that work together to create something sensational.

That’s where things like napkin holders come in, along with bonbons or perhaps even place cards.

These can then be further accented with small decorations that complete the look, such as a sprig of holly in the napkin holder, or berries/fir fronds wired around the stem of wine glasses.

Together these little things tie your tablescape together as part of a theme that adds a real wow factor to your Christmas entertaining.

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