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7 Tips For Decorating This Christmas

Posted on November 17 2021

7 Tips For Decorating This Christmas


There are few things that bring the festive season to life more than an elegantly decorated home that captures the spirit of Christmas.

From decked halls and boughs of holly to something a little more contemporary, here are our top seven tips for decorating (like a pro) this Christmas.

Consider your style

Truly elegant Christmas decorating starts by considering the style of your home and creating a theme to suit.

Whether you reside in a beachside unit, or have a vast hinterland home to decorate, take the time to factor in the colours and themes that will work best to complement your existing décor.

You can of course change these themes and colours over the years but decorating works best when you factor in the backdrop for your festive style.

Create a theme

Creating a Christmas theme then carrying through you home gives it a seamless final look that ties your festive decorating together.

That theme might be beachy, Australian, traditional, rustic or Scandi minimalist, but whatever you choose, embrace it, and go all-in.

Style to size

As much as we would all love a 3m Christmas tree decked to the nines with baubles, it’s important to consider the size of the rooms you intend to decorate and find pieces that are scaled accordingly.

That might mean you need a small tree to suit the dimensions of an area where, or position other decorations sparingly so as not to overwhelm the space.

Some tree decorating tips

Real Christmas trees are a beautiful touch, but they can be messy, and, in the Queensland heat, their lifespan can also be short.

If you choose not to opt for a real tree, do invest in a high quality artificial one.

Don’t forget to fluff each branch as it is removed from the box, then layer your decorations, starting with the lights first.

Remember to tick to a colour scheme for your tree decorations and create a seamless look by positioning baubles and ornaments so the tree looks balanced.

Beyond the Christmas tree

The tree might be a major focal point, but it is not the only area to direct your decorating attention.

Carry the festive feel through your home with further decorations on sideboards, tables or at the entryway that reflect your theme.

Wreaths at the front door are always a nice touch, as is a decorated mantelpiece, and bespoke advent calendar hanging on the wall.

Meanwhile, a hall table or buffet that features a cluster of key Christmas pieces also adds to the festive feel.

If your property is on the smaller size, you might opt to have a miniature Christmas on a buffet or dining table in place of a large one that takes up space in a room.

Go the lighting

Lighting helps create ambience. In the case of Christmas lights, a beautiful look is created through warm white lights that mimic the glow of candles.

Speaking of candles, they also add an intimate and welcoming touch that creates an inviting and intimate feel in any room.

Embrace the scent of Christmas

Christmas is often a nostalgic affair and there’s no better way to evoke the festive sentiment than through aroma.

This can be achieved with scented candles or embrace your creative flair with handmade traditional decorations like cloved oranges.

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