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10 Interior Design Tricks You Need To Know

Posted on September 21 2021

10 Interior Design Tricks You Need To Know

If you’re a fan of styling tips or enjoy a good renovation show, you’ll appreciate just how much interior design can transform a space from lacklustre to wow.

Design is a skill that’s part artistic, part creative and part practical, but can lift any property in terms of both value and liveability.

Most importantly stunning interior design offers the opportunity to add a little personality to any room, giving it that welcoming feeling that makes it a haven as well as a home.

But where do you start? Well, here are 10 interior design tricks you need to know…  

Find the styles you love

Like anything, interior design changes over time, but if you’re looking to really transform a room, it isn’t just about embracing the latest trends.

Instead, it’s about understanding the space you’re working with, the styles that will suit, and the look that you love.

That’s why it’s a great idea to start by seeking inspiration from elsewhere, whether that’s magazines, homewares stores, or even real estate listings on the internet.

Have a design board

Armed with a little inspiration, now’s a great opportunity to create a design board, where you collect colours, themes, and pictures of items that you like.

You can go old-school with a pinboard that you add your images to, or use tools like Pinterest to collect your ideas in one single space.

This board then becomes the foundation of what you’re looking to achieve, allowing you to see colours, textures, and products next to each other.

Start with a neutral room

As we mentioned, interior design is part art, and it helps to start with a room that offers a blank canvas.

This neutral room becomes the backdrop that you then layer the area with beautiful items. Best of all, a neutral space allows you to change the area again and again over time.

Add timeless, quality furniture

Furniture is one of the most important elements of any interior space, and it’s also likely to command a good portion of your design budget.

Look for items that you love, which are timeless and, above all, are good quality.

Use the space wisely

While you’re weighing your furniture options, carefully consider the space you’re working with. It’s important to remember the size of furniture has a big impact on the final look of a room.

For example, if space is limited, large items may soon make it feel cluttered, but smaller or more delicate pieces will offer a feeling of greater openness.

Meanwhile, large spaces can accommodate larger pieces of furniture which help the room feel intimate and inviting.

Consider the flow of the room

While we’re talking about space, consider how the room will be used and how it will flow into other areas of the property.

This ‘flow’ will be a deciding factor on where you position furniture, along with the size of the items you select.

Decorative pieces

This is where we come to the fun bit…once you have your furniture, it’s time to add to it with items that you can change over time, such as cushions, throws, rugs, artwork and other decorative pieces.

These items also help reflect your colour palette and add that all-important personality to a space.

Lighting is critical

Lighting plays a major role in the look and feel of any room, with items like lamps adding a feel of warmth and an inviting ambience.

The style and materials you choose for lighting can also work as a feature piece within a room.

Use mirrors to create the feel of space

If you’re looking to draw in extra natural light or create a feeling of additional space within a room, mirrors work a treat.

Positioned well, they can make a room feel far larger than it is, and even bring the outdoors in by reflecting natural light and scenery.

Consider storage

Really beautiful interior design ensures there is a place for everything, allowing the space to feel uncluttered yet functional.

That’s where storage comes into its own. If you’re short on storage consider savvy solutions like bookshelves where you can house attractive storage baskets, or furniture that doubles as a storage solution, such as a coffee table with drawers or well-positioned cabinets.

The final word

Great interior design isn’t reserved for high-end properties or the pages of magazines. It’s something anyone can enjoy by considering the space you are working with, finding the styles you love, and embracing your creative flair.

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